Year End Sale

Published on November 28, 2008

cialis Modern Furniture, Line Furniture” href=””>AQSA Living as furniture and craft division for PT. Aqsa International is formerly known as PT. Indonesia Antique. As AQSA Living has just been launched with its new vision and mission for better service, they have 3 (three) lines of furniture and craft to be offered. Those 3 (three) lines are Aquila in which offers hi-end line of furniture; Indo Antique in which offers contemporary line of furniture; and Qabana in which offers unique style of craft.

AQSA Living has been launched on October 2008 in International Furniture and Craft Exhibition held in Jakarta for promoting the new name and new face of PT. Indonesia Antique. On the other hand, marketing team of AQSA Living decided to offer great discount for Year End Sale. “This is our way to introduce our new name with new design and better services to our customers, by offering special discount for this year end sale, we hope that we get many new customers and for the next, furniture market worldwide admit our quality and services” representative of Aqsa Living marketing team said.