Published on August 8, 2009

AQSA Living Furniture Design Competition 2009 Winners Expo & ASMINDO great sale 2009 is an event cooperatively initiated by ASMINDO Komda Solo Raya and PT Aqsaliving Solo.

The opening day of this event will be on Friday, diagnosis 10th August 2009 at Graha Solo Raya. It is scheduled that the States Minister of Cooperatives Small & Medium Enterprises Republic of Indonesia, Drs. Suryadharma Ali, Msi will be there to open the event. His presence in that event has been made sure by information got from Marketing Deputy of States Ministry of Cooperatives Small & Medium Enterprises Republic of Indonesia on last Friday, 31st July 2009. For your information, this event is the first expo held in Graha Surakarta building. All this time, the building located in the Gladak area, Solo, is used as BKAD office.

As for Aqsaliving, this event is the final series of International Furniture Design Competition. “As it is known that since last February, we have conducted this competition, and not less than 139 participants are noted having submitted their work Together with ASMINDO Solo Raya, we will also display the work of the ten nominators who have chance to be the winner,” said Wahyu Hanggono, The main director of PT Aqsaliving Solo.

The competition which provides total reward of about US$15,000 gives chance to public to have direct look at the prototype of the ten nominators’ works. The judging process to decide the winner will also be done during 12 days of the expo. “This competition will be held regularly every year,” add Wahyu.

Information centre

Meanwhile, to Asmindo Komda Solo Raya, this exhibition is a chance to the local people to know further about the local furniture products.
R David Wijaya, head of ASMINDO Solo Raya, said that his team will show the furniture products in export quality from at least 20 furniture companies.
“This event is held coincide to the momentum of idl-fitr. So that’s why we will offer special price under market-rate. About the Graha Solo Raya building, it is expected to be a kind of Solo Raya Information Centre. However, it won’t be only about furniture but overall potential aspect in Solo which can be accessed by public, for instance, tourism information, UKM, industry and food. Instead, it has sufficient facilities” said him.
Completing the 26 stands before, PT Telkom Solo declared its availability to support this event, said Dwi Heriyanto, General Manager of PT Telkom Solo.
“We will open free hot-spot until 12 days full. Besides, in our stand, there are trained instructors ready to give the supervision of producing web to the visitor. Hopefully, it can be fully utilized by them either by looking at the furniture product from the local company and also an opportunity to enrich IT” said him.
This event will last for 12 days, August 10th-21st 2009. Open everyday from 10 a.m. until 21 p.m.
“Except at the last day, concerning about the 1st day of fasting month in 2009, we open at 9 a.m. and close at 21 a.m.” said one of the crew.
Solo, July 7th 2009
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