Teak Wood Furniture: The Material Characteristics That Shine

Is choosing furniture for the home easy? Yes, it is. However, it said as easy if we knew already what we needed the most. As if modern furniture is great as interior decoration for modern home design or classic furniture matches with art Nuevo style.  That is in term of design, how about the material. We have learnt that many materials that we could pick such as wood, stainless steel, natural fibers, or plastic. The most important one in making furniture purchase is by knowing the level of quality at the first place. Since then, it will be easier for you to keep the pieces and in maintaining them. The quality of furniture is varied based on difference opinion made but we sure are aware that wood, particularly teak, is known for its premium quality as furniture for indoor and outdoor as well.

Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood, with its Latin name Tectona Grandis, has its own significant characters compared to other woods. It has gorgeous color of honey brown, which makes it as one of the signature aspect for those who love to buy teak indoor furniture or outdoor furniture. The color of the wood creates such impressions namely natural, homey, and warmth. The impressions leave deep mark in the heart of wood furniture lovers from now and then.

Teak Wood Furniture

In addition of the color, teak also contains of natural oil. What is natural oil? It is such substance inside of the wood, which creates the wood to withstand from outer defects. If we are talking about extreme weather, insects, mildew, or powder, those problems mostly will not arise in teak wood under one circumstance. It will not happen if it is teak grade A or B – the most quality of all. Thus, you need ensure if teak wood furniture in the stores are really in the stated grade. How to know this? It is simple as a piece of cake. All you have to do is ask the furniture stores of the wood paperwork, trace the color of the wood – for unfinished or transparent finish products, and the price.

The last characteristic that will draw your attention is the grain. The grain is somewhat straight, curvy for the Indonesian teak, that makes it more visible and different compared the others wood. This also another shot to be done in observing quality teak wood furniture. If you find it has flawless, no die knot exists, then it is the quality teak wood. Sure enough, it would be great to choose as indoor or outdoor furniture at home.