Why AQSA Living?

By providing effective cost and quality product in business evolution, price we have mission to achieve customer satisfaction in order to spread more networks all over the world. As customer’s satisfaction is the key point of success.
Our mission is delivering the most recently and updated design in which we always discover new design twice a year and launched at Worldwide Furniture Expo held.

There 5 reasons why you should choose AQSA Living.

First: Working Partnership

Aqsa involves customers as working partners in such way as it forms a binding team. This such working relationship is evident in the success of most projects of the company.

Second: Comparatively Low Prices

Aqsa assures that the prices quoted are the lowest to compare with other competitors in market regards to the better quality product.

Third: Highly Skilled Workers

High Skilled Workers

High Skilled Workers

Aqsa has teamwork of trained and experienced professionals’ persons. Those have ability in delivering quality services and support to the valued customers. Each employee at the Aqsa is allowed for their freedom to express and promote creativity and confidence in their job area. As the development of technological upgrades, story the company continuously monitors and focuses on Human Resource and Product, sales Planning & Inventory Control development. Further since it is primarily in sub contract manufacturing knowledge, it is essential for Aqsa to continuously invest in its valued employees and suppliers. Hence, in-house and external trainings are arranged periodically and employee satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fourth: Quality Assurance

The company firmly believes that it is absolutely essential for the company to continuously invest in their processes to be able to achieve world class quality in their deliveries. Due to this attention, its services consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.

Fifth: On Going Maintenance

A wide variety of customers’ applications are being supported with concrete maintenance process. Proper documented maintenance plan is employed at each customer so that all customers use error free products.